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SHREEINFO Games, SIQ ShreeInfo Quest, The Games Company covers a large part of the value creation chain within the computer and video games industry and takes it to real action. Game Zone compiles unique content including a mix of standard and exclusive ShreeInfo proprietary gives a lively experience of real life gaming experience. Filled with Adventure and thrilled with passion the real life SIQ commonly known for its voyage for action.

The development unit is responsible for the realization of SHREEINFOs proprietary development projects, from game design through to Real Life Gaming Activity Experience. Furthermore, it provides the publishing unit with quality assurance support for external development projects. In this process it benefits from the long-time experience and know-how of the development studio Silver

We offer wide range of products and complete solutions meeting expectations and business requirements of our Customer. Provided a variety of games expanding through 10 most exciting segments, we ensure client satisfaction and fruitful setups at amazingly low investments yet keeping by high standards of amusement industry. We put first emphasis on the quality and are always involved in the process of evolving new exciting games. Our Products attract interests of masses from all age groups and ensure ecstasy and ultimate pleasure also serving value for money for both our Customers and people. We tend to bring the player gaming skills up least by one level when we come up with new games or revised consoles of existing games ensuring never ending interest of people in our gaming machines.

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