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Real Gold builders solution

Why RealGold
A complete integration of system across departments in a Real Estate Organization. It manages not only their Pre-launch, Launch, Customer Support, Payment Schedules, Reminders, etc but also it integrates all the departments in a company in such a manner that facilitates efficient intra-organizational communication
 *   We figured out 583 reasons to have real gold in your organization. Let us tell you few important one.
 *   Complete customization
 *   Birds eye view ---- It displays a graphical customized display of your project.
 *   Customized forms / Reciepts as you want it.
 *   The flow of software remains to be the same as your business.

Time is the Key
Lets Find a Customer who has booked at the time of pre � launch ( low rate) by a particular broker and is defaulter of over Rs 100000 and is idle for last 6 months How much time do you need to find himin your current system. You do it in less than a minute here. Also In the same time you can send a warning mail / sms or print the letter

We Make Life Easier
 *   Software Enables you to have a Solo Control Over the Project with out any external dependence.
 *   Agents performance in regards to the respective collections / cancellations and Defaulters of customer booked by them.
 *   Rate Control/ Discounts / Waivers of Interests etc.
 *   Finances with Banks and status of flow with them.
 *   Flat History / Interest Calculation / Letter printing / Smsing.
 *   Log files of any data Edited is maintained.
 *   Forecasting your Funds.

Why Trust Us
 *   Our esteemed clients have always trused for any upcoming project.
 *   We have grown from word of mouth.
 *   100% customers intact.
 *   We have replaced almost all of the obsalete softwares
 *   working on outdated technology.

Need of the Hour
In this recession:-You need to hour the right picture of the project status.Expenses needs to be controlled and the operational and CRM postion needs to be strong. Real Gold allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, best utilization of company's manpower and reduced maintenance and overheads.

The latest and most advanced Dot Net technology 2.0 with Ajax controls.To have the Database Security we use sql server. logs in software maintained for any edition deletion of data,as it stores it all.

You Esteemed Clients
 *   Give yours clients / investors the confidence to trust you.
 *   Let them know about their investment,whenever they want from anywhere on real time basic..
 *   Do�nt miss to wish them on their birthday or anniversaries. Its makes them Real important.
 *   Complete Correspondence details you had with them from letters to phone calls or sms or whatever. Helps you to study customer behaviour.

Back End System Support
 *   A dedicated team of experts is always working at your backend for any kind of work.
 *   May it be to incorporate a Report .
 *   Any Changes in the flow or Manual Errors or whatever.
 *   We don�t need a day or two to solve the problems / queries . Its just a matter of minutes or few hour.

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